Do I need a lotion? That's the first question. What kind of lotion...is usually the second question. Third question, I forgot. Anyway, let's answer #1. Using a lotion will help you tan 30 to 40 percent more, it will keep you moisturized, and it's good for your skin. Our tanning products have all kinds of great ingredients for, keeping you feeling supple, fighting cellulite, anti-aging (cause we can use anything that keeps us looking fabulous!), skin conditions, and so on.... 

question #2, we have accelerators, bronzers, and Hot Hot Hot tingles! All kinds of lotions, BUT yes! you should always lotion!!

FOR our beauty bar, we also carry an array of products. Please give us a call and talk to one of our licensed aestheticians!

stop by or call us for more info. 561-734-1505

Oh, and pleassseee, if you don't buy from us, make sure your lotion is indoor safe! Meaning, NO mineral oil!